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I am a seasoned Senior Software Engineer with a dynamic background spanning more than three years, specializing in crafting intricate and scalable systems. Proficient across the entire development spectrum, I adeptly navigate Backend, Frontend, DevOps realms, and System Design, ensuring seamless end-to-end project execution. My expertise extends to crafting robust unit tests, assuring the reliability of the software solutions I architect. Beyond my technical prowess, I find joy in the vibrant world of anime, where I immerse myself in its diverse narratives. With a proven track record of delivering multifaceted projects and a passion for anime, I bring a unique blend of skill and enthusiasm to every endeavor. See Experience


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I have previously worked with Mridul and I definitely recommend his services. Mridul is easy-going, and finishes his job promptly. He gives good suggestions on what can be improved or added to the project to enhance its capability. Not to mention, the support offered after the job has been completed is undoubtedly the best I have experienced.

~ Karan Shah (via Upwork)

I had a great experience working with Mridul! His positive attitude and excellent communication skills made the project a success. He completed the assigned tasks well, and I was impressed by his willingness to learn and develop his skills in Hugo. While he may benefit from further practice and development before taking on a larger project lead role, this just goes to show his humility and dedication to improving. I appreciate his work and look forward to working with him again in the future!

~ Remy (via Upwork)

Mirdul helped us with a project for our HUGO template that is used on our blog. His overall quality of work and speed of delivery was immaculate. Smaller changes were implemented according to our briefing in no time. We would definitely hire Mirdul again and would recommend him to anyone valuing high quality work in all aspects and a great line of communication throughout the project.

~ Bastian (via Upwork)

Education & Experience

Senior Software Engineer

99acres (Infoedge), Mar 2022 - Present

I joined 99acres as a senior software engineer and immediately tackled a challenging project, developing a dynamic auto-description generation feature for properties based on multiple attributes. I optimized the process to generate real-time descriptions from millions of combinations in under 10 milliseconds, introducing me to Apache Velocity. Later, I took ownership of the SEO service, handling ~10 million daily traffic, and optimized it with technologies like Caffeine Cache and Redis. I upgraded the service from Java 8 to Java 17 and switched to OpenJ9 from HotSpot VM, reducing memory footprint by ~50% and latency by ~15%. In addition, I designed the system for FAQs and dynamic metadata generation from scratch, exposing me to the intricacies of system design and expanding my knowledge of both relational and NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and MySQL.

Associate Software Engineer I

Optum (UHG), Aug 2020 - Mar 2022

I thrived in an Agile-driven development environment, where I contributed significantly to various projects. I excelled in developing RESTful APIs using Spring Boot and crafting responsive front-end applications with Angular. My commitment to excellence shone through as I efficiently handled high-priority defects, delivering timely fixes. Additionally, I designed and implemented a reusable Angular widget from scratch, which found utility across multiple applications. Notably, I achieved an impressive 97 percent code coverage through rigorous testing with Jasmine and Karma. My innovative thinking came to the fore when I proposed migrating application configurations from a relational database to AEM, and successfully executed the migration of reference data, resulting in a 20 percent reduction in app initialization time and enhanced efficiency.

B.E. Computer Science & Engineering

Chandigarh University, Jul 2016 - Jul 2020

My four-year experience at Chandigarh University, where I studied Computer Science from 2016 to 2020, was transformative. I focused on core subjects like Java, RDBMS, Data Structures and Algorithms, and applied this knowledge to intriguing IoT projects such as Voice-controlled smart lights using Arduino, Mini weather station, and an autonomous braking system. I also honed my soft skills as an elite speaker of the Soft Skill Club. This journey laid a solid foundation for my career as a software engineer, equipping me with technical expertise, innovation, and effective communication skills that continue to guide me in my professional life.